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“I miss the honky tonks, Dairy Queens and Seven Elevens…as things fell apart nobody paid much attention....don’t leave me stranded here, I can’t get used to this lifestyle!”                                                                                                                            - David Byrne


This body of work is inspired by the multitude of ironies and paradoxes that is our interaction with the earth. Climate change is real. Our future is uncertain. Resisting my impulse to see this as apocolyptic I have chosen to view the evolution opportunistically and find beauty in the sunrises and storms and the systems at play.


Forests are burning, seas rising, viruses mutating, flowers blooming, towers rising and falling, record storm winds. These paintings are all inspired in one way or another by this constant interaction of humans and nature, buildings and sky, wind and rain, steel and wood, the elements that harm and those that heal. The act of painting with watercolor for me is analogous to these organic systems. Water, mixed with colors created from elements pigments and minerals, flowing from one section of the paper to another is like a mini-ecosystem. The paint flows, uncontrollable at times, representative of nature, earth's forces and society's paradoxes as we struggle with this. 

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