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Port of Cadaques Spain (2014)

This painting was done on comission for a very supportive patron who holds a collection of paintings of this Catalan port town in Spain.  I didn't actually get to visit the port town yet but am intrigued to do so after studying it for this painting.  Cadaques has an interesting place in art history influencing the likes of Salvador Dali, who lived nearby in Port Lligat, and who painted several views of the hillside town.  Also associated with Cadaques are; Pablo Picasso, Juan Miro, Marcel Duchamps and other modernists.


In this view I tried to capture the way the moutains converge on the chapel, and the energy and dance created by the myriad of organically cascading rooftops towards the harbor walk.


I thoroughly enjoyed painting this piece and am grateful to the collector for trusting my vision and adding this to his amazing private collection. Hanging my work alongside so much talent is one of the thrills of painting for me.

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