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This series was inspired by a fall 2015 visit to the Hancock Shaker Villiage in Pittsfield MA.  I was struck not only by the furniture and tools so commonly referenced as the Shaker Style but primarily by the buildings and the spaces. Rooms are furnished sparsely but never feel cold or vacant. Simple details and craftsmanship seem to contribute to a warmth that feels like needs have been taken care of.


I am in love with the forms and shapes of the Shaker architecture, furniture, rooms, and tools as well as the style with which things are arranged.  Shakers hold a tradition of regarding simplicity and functionality as sacred and of work well performed. I am moved by the inspiration and peace that comes with the concept of living with only the essentials in life.  Simplicity.


These paintings attempt to capture the serenity of this village and the nature of

the light cast through elegant windows and doors 

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