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My grandfather's Notebooks

This summer I discovered three notebooksof my grandfather James Bright's journals, quotes and memories. The first one starts Thursday August 1, 1935 when he was in high school embarking on a month long hike on the Long Trail in Vermont. The second two were quotes which my grandfather liked to college assembled in 1933 and later in 1942 through 1945 during his time in Guadacanal stationed in the army during WWII. These a precious to me and I am reading up on them to try and piece together what I can from what it might have been like to be a teenager between the wars, and to be shipped to the south Pacific at such a young age. My grandfather was a brilliant and complex man, difficult and hard on me at times, but left an impression that influences my artwork and my creative self deeply. I'll leave you with this quote for now,

"Be noble and the nobleness that lies in other men, sleeping but never dead, will rise in majesty to meet thine own" From Sonnet IV, James Russell Lowell

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